The Product Canvas was created by Ellen Gottesdiener in 2014 and she was inspired by other canvasses, such as the BMG canvas, Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas, Jeff Patton’s Opportunity Canvas, Dave Gray’s Empathy Map, and her own MatchUp Canvas

As Ellen describes in this blogpost, The Product Canvas has evolved into two parts and is used to help a diversity of stakeholders agree on what their product is. The Product Canvas has the following benefits:

  • Helps identify product outcome metrics
  • Prepares you for collaborative product roadmapping
  • Provides insight for restructuring an organization (product and engineering teams)
  • Facilitates product discovery, backlog management, and release planning

Product Canvas Part 1 provides an overview to the product, its stakeholders, what they value, the product’s profitability, marketing methods, and competitive information. Part 2 identifies the 7 Product Dimensions to provide a holistic, comprehensive understanding of the product.

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