Purpose of the Sprint Retrospective
The purpose of the Sprint Retrospective is continuous improvement of the Scrum Team, including it’s tools, practices, processes, way of working, Definition of Done, collaboration and communication.

The time-box for the Sprint Review is 3 hours, for a Sprint of 4 weeks. For shorter Sprints, the time-box is usually shorter.

The participants of the Sprint Retrospective are the Scrum Team members, meaning the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team. The Scrum Master is in the lead of the Sprint Retrospective, meaning that the Scrum Master prepares the Retrospective and supports the Scrum Team to make it a positive and productive meeting.

During the Sprint Retrospective, the following is being Inspected:

  1. How the Sprint went with regards to people, relationships, collaboration, processes and tools;
  2. The Sprints’ flow (What went well? What problems did the team ran into? How were they solved?);
  3. The Definition of Done, in order to increase the Products’ quality over time;

The results of the Sprint Retrospective are actionable and committed improvement actions which are implemented in the next Sprint, or added to the Product Backlog for future Sprints.

Meeting Flow
There are many ways for conducting the Sprint Retrospective and many forms and formats for facilitating the Sprint Retrospective. Take a look at Retromat, FunRetrospectives.com and TastyCupcakes for some Retrospective inspiration!