Purpose of the Sprint Review
The purpose of the Sprint Review is to inspect the Product Increment delivered in the Sprint and to adapt the Product Backlog (if needed). During the Sprint Review a demonstration of the Product Increment and Product Backlog is given to the stakeholders. The Sprint Review is an informal, collaborative working session, in which the Scrum Team collaborates with stakeholders in order to optimize the value of the Product.

The time-box for the Sprint Review is 4 hours, for a Sprint of 4 weeks. For shorter Sprints, the time-box is usually shorter.

The participants of the Sprint Planning Event are the Scrum Team members, meaning the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team. The Product Owner is in the lead of the Sprint Review and he or she invites the (key) stakeholders to the Sprint Review.

During the Sprint Review, the following is being Inspected:

  1. The Product Increment that was delivered in the Sprint;
  2. The Sprints’ flow (What went well? What problems did the team ran into? How were they solved?);
  3. The actual Product Backlog, including targets, goals and likely completion dates;
  4. The current market conditions (such as new technologies, competitors, etc.);
  5. Timelines, budgets, potential capabilities and other market conditions;
  6. The next steps to be taken in order to maximize the value of the Product;

The result of the Sprint Review is an adapted Product Backlog, which may for example include an updated ordering, new Product Backlog Items, changed Product Backlog Items, removed Product Backlog Items, etc.

Meeting Flow
There are many ways for conducting the Sprint Review. In order to help you in getting started, I’ve created a flowchart (see image below). This flowchart offers insights into what the Events’ flow could look like.