Why do so many organizations adopt Agile nowadays you might wonder? Why do all the major banks, pension funds, insurance companies, software developers, startups and all sorts of other companies adopt an Agile way of working? What is the added value of Agile? And why is it so popular? I’ll try to cover these questions in this article. You may also have the question: “Is it always a good idea to adopt Agile in your organization?”. In that case, I would like to refer you to this other blog.

Why do organizations adopt Agile?

The world around us changes faster than ever. Innovations are fast-pacing each other, customers are getting more demanding and the increasing amount of new startups create a highly dynamic market. Many organizations lack the capabilities to deal with this fast changing world, partly because the current ways of working are more often slowing them down then accelerating the change. The biggest challenge for many organizations is therefore to increase their learning speed and respond to changes much faster. Organizations need, to focus on the customer more and they need to be sensitive to their environment. ‘Business Agility’ supports organizations with these challenges by increasing flexibility, adaptivity and reducing time-to-market and time-to-learn.

The benefits of Agile

Agile ways of working provide a lot of advantages for organizations, however becoming Agile should not be the main purpose. The main purpose of implementing Agile should be that Agile supports your organization in achieving their business objectives! Looking at some data I’ve gathered, organizations may benefit quite a lot by adopting Agile ways of working. Some of the improvements we’ve measured at clients are:

  • Radically increased transparency and visibility throughout the organization related progress, achievements and goals;
  • Strongly increased delivery of business value for customers and the organization;
  • Strongly increased employee satisfaction, engagement, responsibility and growth;
  • Strongly increased customer satisfaction, engagement and involvement;
  • Strongly increased reduction of risks and enablement of opportunities;
  • Strongly increased quality of products and services;
  • Strongly increased opportunities for Business and Senior Management to steer/adapt their programs and projects;
  • Strongly reduced time-to-market and time-to-learn cycles, reducing flaws, mistakes, errors and bugs;
  • Cost reduction, by continuously maximizing value and by being able to stop projects early (before running out of time or budget);
  • Accelerated achievement of strategic objectives and business goals;
  • Increased adaptability, flexibility and opportunities to change.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? I believe it does! The positive news is that your organization can also gain these huge advantages of Business Agility! The bad news is however, that it does require you to do some work and make some changes. It’s just like loosing weight or running a marathon. It’s easy to attend a training or workshop, or maybe do a crash diet, but the real change is in the long run! You will need to exercise, make changes to your daily routines and then you will also gain the benefits! The same goes for gaining the advantages of Agile!

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